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News Updates

Friday, February 15, 2019

The Recreation Division continues to be busy and productive during the off-season. Maintenance and improvements have been on-going in Powell River. Signs are getting stained, picnic tables getting re-done, stairs being built, and the trail around Inland Lake Provincial Park is being regularly bucked out.

The outhouse at Little Bear Bay Rec site was rebuilt a couple of weeks ago. 

Remote projects have been successful despite a number of mechanical and weather related challenges. The boardwalk project at Hot Springs Cove was a smashing success, including the addtition of urine diversion technology to the outhouses. The shop built a floating tiny house for staff accomodations which worked out well. Next up on the remote project list: another boardwalk rebuild in Kitimat that the fellas are heading out to in the next couple of days. Stay warm out there buddies!

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